lpl56407 12:36 15 Dec 05

I have a PC, about 6 years old, running Windows 98. There is 1 USB port. I want to buy a USB Hub to make more ports available. But is my USB port Series 1 or 2? Info from Device Manager - Intel 82801 AA USB Universal Host Controller. Is this Series 1 or 2?
Also any recommendations on what hub to buy would be appreciated. I will be using 1 port for Broadband connection and the other for a digital camera.
tia Stuart

  DieSse 12:37 15 Dec 05

It will be USB1 - USB2 hasn't been around that long.

  Carbonara 12:45 15 Dec 05

Better get a POWERED hub and be prepared for the Modem to NOT like being connected via the hub!

  CLONNEN 12:58 15 Dec 05

Digital cameras don't always work on an external USB Hub (powered or not).

We own 2 digital cameras in our household and 1 of them did not like our powered USB hub - refused to function until we connected it directly to the USB port on the back of the computer.

An internal USB expansion PCI card will probably be alright for what you want - if you have a spare PCI slot.

  €dstowe 13:04 15 Dec 05

It's not only cameras and modems that don't work through a hub. You'll be lucky if a scanner will or anything to do with audio or any of a long list of things. Waste of your money and time.

A USB PCI card, if you have the space for it will be much, much better and if your W98 is W98SE you will be able to install a USB2 version.

  ami 13:14 15 Dec 05

A word of caution, I lost a computer due to using a Broadband modem via a Belkin 4 port powered USB hub.
The hub simply couldn't take the load and shorted, sending a power surge down the USB cable connecting it to the computer and blowing the motherboard.
In my experience they are only good for very light loads, mice, keyboards etc. Follow the advice of the other members above.

  lpl56407 13:36 15 Dec 05

Thanks everyone for the info and advice. I will go for the USB PCI card.

  CLONNEN 13:39 15 Dec 05

PCI USB hubs for sale on Ebay
click here=

  CLONNEN 13:44 15 Dec 05

The NEC brand is usually best with USB cards.

Had nothing but trouble with ALI brand.

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