toonfireman1 19:33 18 Jun 04

XP pro
I have recently purchased a new 4 port USB hum (Belkin) when I plug it one of two things happen
1 shortly after the screen freezes or it goes to black
or everything slows right down including the mouse pointer, this seems to be worse if I connect my card reader.
If I connect the card reader straight to the computer I have the same problems this did not happen before the HUB.
When I re boot I get a windows message asking if I wish to do it in safe mode
Any ideas

  Totally-braindead 19:44 18 Jun 04

If you disconnect the hub does the problem disappear?

  THE TERMINATOR 19:45 18 Jun 04

search the web and get up-to-date drivers it seems they are old ones, your system is asking if you wish to start in safe mode because of an improper shut-down, which is likely to be caused by your usb drivers....TT

  toonfireman1 20:20 18 Jun 04

Yes If I dissconnect I do not have the problem

The drivers are on the XP

  bananaslik 20:36 18 Jun 04

hi toonfireman1 1)what is your ststem specs,2)is the hub a powered one-does it have a 3 pin plug to power it & 3) what do you have plugged into it?

  jack 20:48 18 Jun 04

Hubs draw POWER
If this device is connected to ther computer and then to its attendant devices, then it is likely that the power supply cannot hack the extra load.

Some Hubbs have a power jack so that they power from an rxternal source [ A power brick]
If yours connot do this, take it back and swop it for one that can.

  toonfireman1 21:57 18 Jun 04

It has its own power and the light is showing red

  toonfireman1 21:57 18 Jun 04

It has its own power and the light is showing red

  jack 22:06 18 Jun 04

If this is so and it is indeed connected to the mains via a power brick, then you have another type of conflict.
What is the state of the USB connector setbup in System/hardware /devicemanager/.
Did you also say it had a software disc?
If so and it is installed take it out and let
the system run it as a generic device.

  toonfireman1 22:29 18 Jun 04

Device manager says it is there, the drivers are on XP the soft wear is for system before this,I have run them but just says the drivers are installed
When I plug in the card reader the grenn light comes on, on the hub I get a received sound from the computer.

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