denali 20:42 28 Oct 03

Is it possible to buy a card with USB's on it.

My PC only has one and I need another.



  SANAP 20:45 28 Oct 03

Yes, dead easy, see PCWORLD, DABS etc. Or u can buy a usb hub, say one with 4 outlets, plugs into existing usb port and works like a dream, u can even have it on your desk for clsoe proximity. I got mine from the index shop. about 20 quid


  DieSse 20:47 28 Oct 03

Yes - almost anywhere - example click here

or go to your local shop/computer supermarket.

  AubreyS 20:52 28 Oct 03
  britto 21:03 28 Oct 03

click here.........
unpowered hub availible at same price

  denali 21:05 28 Oct 03

Thank you all for your speedy response to my question

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