USB FM Transmitter problem setting up on PC

  toogie 14 Dec 11

I bought a USB FM Transmitter hoping to broadcast audio from my PC to FM radio and ultimately would like to listen to it on cordless headphones. I am a complete beginner on how this can be achieved but I have loaded the software from the disk as per instructions I received with my "Keene Electronics" device.Unfortunately the instructions do not help much more than this! This is where I am at moment. I have made "B-LINK USB AUDIO" the default in my Audio Devices and clicked on the USB Audio Shortcut. I nave inserted the device in the USB port (although I am concerned that it does not show up on "My Computer"). The shortcut window shows 90 MHz which can be scrolled down to lower MHz readings although no other controls appear to be active e.g. when I switch from On to Pause nothing changes!! I have my radio turned on! What do I now do to get some action ??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14 Dec 11

If its set to 990Hz then you need to tune the radio to the same frequency (90Hz)

Play some music file on the PC and you should then hear it on the radio at that frequency.

  amonra 14 Dec 11

Some of these devices use very low-level deviation/modulation on their transmitters with the result that the received broadcast is very quiet and the volume control has to be wound up considerably. It is quite possible to miss hearing the broadcast if you are not too careful. As fruitbat said earlier, make sure that your receiver is tuned to the correct frequency.

  toogie 14 Dec 11

Thanks guys I will try that later. One more thought, what will happen when FM transmissions are turned off and only digital radios are available ?

  lotvic 14 Dec 11

It won't affect your own FM transmitter, as long as you have/keep a radio that can receive FM signals you can tune in to your own radio FM station signal that is being transmitted from your Keene Electronics device.

  robin_x 14 Dec 11

Most/All? DAB radios/chips have an FM decoder built-in.

Whether that will be the case in 10 years is another matter.


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