USB Flash Drive Unrecognised ?

  Furkin 14:42 20 Aug 05

Hi all,
I have just bought a USB (v2) Flash Drive. The bumf with it says that if using XP, then driver isn't needed. I use XP-Home The kit does include a driver for W98.
When I plug it in, I get the message ",,,windows does not recognise the device,,,". When going through Troubleshooting etc, I come across a point where it mentions that the driver is missing ! This throws me completely. I have also tried it on my 'old' machine that runs XP-Pro - with the same results.
Can anyone help me with this please, before I send it back ?
many thanks

  johnnyrocker 14:45 20 Aug 05

have a look in device manager to see if all usb's are active or got yellow question marks.


  Furkin 14:54 20 Aug 05

No question or exclamation marks etc,,, just>



“No drivers are installed for this device.

If you are having problems with this device, click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter”.

  johnnyrocker 14:56 20 Aug 05

have you tried using the disc supplied? ( i know it says 98)


  Furkin 15:00 20 Aug 05

yep,,,,, there is no XP driver on it at all,,,, but I have installed the 98,,, to no avail.
My other USB Drive (Apaccer)works o.k. in both machines ('old' one is USB v 1.1) main one is v2, as is the new drive.
(by the way, can we 'edit' these posts after posting ?)

  johnnyrocker 15:03 20 Aug 05

not that i am aware, v2 is supposed to be generally backward compatible can only suggest manufacturer/supplier sorry.


  Furkin 15:04 20 Aug 05

thanks for trying Johnny

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:30 20 Aug 05

Need XP SP2 for USB2 drivers

  Furkin 16:43 20 Aug 05

Thanks F.B.,
I do have SP2,,,, as mentioned, my other USB Flash Drive works o.k.
I've dropped an e to the supplier, but would still prefer to explore all possibilities before sending it back (I don't want to get another if it means the same problem)
thanks again

  anchor 16:56 20 Aug 05

Support for USB2 came with XP Service Pack 1; subsequently upgraded with this:

click here

You do not say if you have installed SP1 or SP2. If you don`t have SP1, (and don`t wish SP2), then SP1a can be downloaded from here:

click here

Of course, SP2 will already have them.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:56 20 Aug 05

Can you get someone else to try it in thier machine?

XP should recognise it as a removable drive.

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