USB failure

  garybaldy 17:39 24 Jan 03

ive just been trying to burn some cds which meant having to connect my burner to one of the three usb outlets but now none of the usb connections work .ive tried reconnecting the printer the mouse and the burner with no success please help .i use Wxp on a laptop

  Djohn 17:43 24 Jan 03

garybaldy, have you tried re-installing all three drivers? If not disconnect printer, burner, and mouse, install drivers first, then connect hardware.

  garybaldy 17:46 24 Jan 03

djohn not wishing to sound daft,but do you mean reload the dics i received with the mouse printer and burner and then reconnect hardware.

  Djohn 17:51 24 Jan 03

Yep, that's correct, with USB, you need to load drivers from floppy or CD before you connect the actual hardware, IE: Printer, scanner, mouse, etc.

PS the only daft people are the one's that don't ask questions. :o)

  garybaldy 17:54 24 Jan 03

cheers djohn ,i will give it a go.

  garybaldy 18:26 24 Jan 03

alright where do i begin ,i tried reinstalling all three drivers but it didnt solve the problem so i tried to turn the computer off,the computer logged off but windows would not shut down so i pull out the power cable,dis connected the battery (which i dont know if this is a bad idea) and when i restarted the computer everything was fine ,(well for the time being ) is this a bad way of disconnecting and what could have been the problem.

  Djohn 18:32 24 Jan 03

Yes it is, but sometimes it's the only way, you will not do any actual harm, but could screw up you file system.

It sounds as though something in the operating system locked and by removing the power you have freed it again. everything should be ok again now, Regards. J.

  garybaldy 18:37 24 Jan 03

thanks djohn ,enjoy the weekend.

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