usb external hard drive

  fonkets 18:12 02 Oct 08

I've just bought a new back up drive, a 160gb external lap top hard drive, usb powered. But it dont work. It works fine on other pc's but not mine, it just dont even register. The port I am plugging in to appears ok as it accept flash pens and my old mains powered hard drive.

Any ideas?

  rawprawn 18:19 02 Oct 08

Have you looked in Control Panel>Admin Tools>Computer Management>Disk Management? if it shows there Format it

  fonkets 18:21 02 Oct 08

No sign in there I'm afraid. Could it be a power thing?

  fonkets 18:33 02 Oct 08


I stuck in a rear usb port and up she fires. How do check the condition of the front usbs.?

  wee eddie 19:34 02 Oct 08

I'm afraid I'm not really a fan of USB powered Hard Drives.

They are usually requiring the maximum amount power available on the USB circuit and something as small as a USB Mouse or Keyboard can distract them..

  fonkets 20:36 02 Oct 08

In that case I might use this one for my lap top and get another mains powered one as well.

Thanks for the info Wee Eddie. Adam

  wee eddie 21:09 02 Oct 08

Why not get a Powered Hub and connect it to one of the rear USB Ports

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