USB driver for Win 98

  davecooper 13:17 29 Dec 06

I wish to use a USB card reader on an old PC running Windows 98. I want to use it to transfer my photos to my newer machine. I need a Win 98 driver for the reader and cannot seem to find one on the web. The reader is a CamLink CR01 USB 2.0 reader/writer. (The reader did not come with any software). Can anyone help?

  wotbus@ 13:54 29 Dec 06

Have you tried it? A lot of this kit is backwards compatible and is more than likely as it came with no software. USB2 is normally backwards compatible with the slower USB ports.

  Colin 14:05 29 Dec 06

davecooper is after Windows 98 drivers for his card reader - XP has them by default. If it's a relatively new reader, Win98 drivers may not be available for it. It's the same with Crucial Gizmo USB drives, there are no Win98 drivers for them. Have you looked at the manufacturers website? I've tried to find it, but was unsucessful.

  stylehurst 14:28 29 Dec 06

I think you will find that Windows 98 did not accept USB. You have to have the least Windows 98 SE

  Belatucadrus 16:52 29 Dec 06

I've got W98 working fine with USB, I even had it working after a fashion with W95.
I usually start click here for USB drivers, unfortunately Camlink isn't listed.

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