USB driver for Samsung E700

  DJ-Garry 10:02 20 Apr 07

Hi. I am trying to transfer some pictures from an old samsung e700 mobile phone. I have downloaded Samsung PC Studio PIM & File Manager 1.0 from the sumsung website and have a usb data cable but i need a usb driver i think so the pc can see the phone. Windows XP Pro flashed up that it is trying to install software for my new device but it failed to find it.
Does anyone know where I can download a usb driver from? I have tried but couldn't see anything to do with e700 or maybe i should be looking for a file name i don't know.

Many thanks for your help, Garry

  DJ-Garry 14:33 20 Apr 07


  DJ-Garry 19:58 20 Apr 07

Bump Bump !!!

  ian-inhome 20:06 20 Apr 07

On the installation disc that comes with the data cable there is a folder titled USB which is 2.7 m

  PP321 20:14 20 Apr 07

a simple google search would have produced this click here on the very first result on the very first page.

And yould wouldnt have to keep bumping it then.

  mammak 20:21 20 Apr 07

I had a quick look at the user manual online but could not find what I was looking for regarding how I load my photos with my samsung D900,

to load mine with out the use of the software (which I personally find a pain to use)I go to settings - phone settings - USB settings and select Mass storage device then plug in my USB cable and phone and my computer recognizes it as a Mass storage device,

is there anything like this on your phone? hope so it would save you a load of hassle!

  DJ-Garry 22:09 20 Apr 07

Right guys...........

As i mentioned I downloaded the program from the samsung website, not installed from disk. I only have the cable.

The link you provided doesn't work, not everybody uses google and the reason i bumped it was because i'd had no reply in 10 hours. Is that a problem???????????

thankyou for some potentially helpful advise but this phone is quite old and doesn't have such options in the settings.

Has anyone else got any definative ideas please?

  moorie- 22:29 20 Apr 07

the cable is it samsung e700 compatable?
these things can often seem straight forward but often are not!
sorry cant help but a simple google is not simple in this case
phones can be quite particular in terms of driver suitability.....maybe you may have to consider another course of action
sorry its not much use but it maybe a prompt for further help

  ian-inhome 22:43 20 Apr 07

I could send you the usb folder if you want it.
I dont know if it would work on its own without the rest of the data on the disc. contact me if you want to try. 2.7 meg

  DJ-Garry 23:42 20 Apr 07

yes please ian-inhome, please send me the usb bits.

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