USB drive washed!

  Neptune1 05:26 25 Mar 07

I have discovered my son's USB drive with A level coursework on has been through the washing machine (40 degrees if that makes any difference). Will it still work?

  Diodorus Siculus 07:38 25 Mar 07

Leave it to dry in a warm place and try it - chances are it will as they are pretty resilient these days.

  MAJ 07:38 25 Mar 07

Yeah, washing machines are very robust, a little USB drive wont do it any harm, Neptune1. What is the make and model? Zanussis and Hotpoints will take it in their stride, Credas can be a little iffy though.

  Taff™ 09:12 25 Mar 07

Taking out a USB drive without using "Safely Remove Hardware" can lead to loss of data. If you notice the washing machine acts strangely you may need to get an engineer out to reprogramme it!

Seriously though follow Dio`s advice. Place it in the airing cupboard or in a container with a pack of Silica Gel for 24 hours and then try it.

  €dstowe 09:15 25 Mar 07

Another good reason for having at least two copies of anything important.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KEEP A BACKUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Zero G 10:30 25 Mar 07

If it had it's cap on it should be OK.
Leave it to dry out & then see if you can get any of the data off it, burn this to a cd-r & then bin the usb drive!

  skidzy 11:07 25 Mar 07

Sometimes a hairdryer can work miracles :-)))

  robgf 13:19 25 Mar 07

Mine went through the washing machine and tumble dryer in my jeans pocket, with no apparent ill affects.
That was at least two years ago and it still works fine, so I wouldn't bin it, they are tough little b***ers.

p.s It has also been sat on, stood on, dropped numerous times and lost on the lawn for a week at one point.

  Neptune1 10:14 26 Mar 07

Many thanks to all those who responded. The washing machine has recovered well with no after effects, though it does spew out the odd Kaiser Cheif lyric now and again. Oh, and the USB drive now works after sitting in a pot in the airing cupboard with dessicant bags for 48 hours - great relief!

  Taff™ 11:33 26 Mar 07

Good News - Remember to back up the data in future - Tick for resolved? Don`t think we can help you with your Kaiser Chiefs problem!

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