USB drive showing 0MB

  Mak2000 11 May 12

My usb drive has got corrupted or something, It now shows 0MB used and 0MB available. It's changed and when try to open it, message appears,'insert disk'. I need to recover the data from it but nothing seems to recognise the drive as usb storage. Can any one help please. Thanks

  finerty 11 May 12

ok try recuva it may help, read the notes with it b4 u proceed


  Mak2000 11 May 12

I tried recuva, but because the drive shows 0MB, Recuva says there's no drive.

  KRONOS the First 11 May 12

What operating system is the PC you are inserting the USB stick in running? The reason for asking I have several USB drives and a couple of them are not recognised by Windows 7 but work perfectly well on an XP PC.

  Mak2000 11 May 12

I've tried with XP, Win7 and Mac. Mac doesn't recognise it at all, windows sees it as a empty CD/card reader.

  lotvic 11 May 12

What make/model is the usb drive? Some of them have a recovery option/diagnostic downloadable from manufacturers website.

  wiz-king 11 May 12

Sounds like the connection(s) from the board to the contacts on the plug have cracked - this is a fairly common problem.

Try it in a little used USB socket to see if it will work, if all else fails then carefully take it apart and re-solder the connections. I have managed to get a couple working that way.

  Mak2000 13 May 12

No, I tried everything but nothing worked. Thanks


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