USB controller driver fault?

  Muergo 16 Nov 11

I have a fault signal, exclamation in yellow triangle, troubleshoot in Control Panel says "The driver for the USB Controller is not installed".

Then it offers to install latest driver but comes up with a negative result. It further says "There may be problems with PnP devices"

Ihaven't found anything not working so far, what might it be?

I have a Belkin powered hub with USB outlets for several devices but they all seem to be working.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16 Nov 11

Op system?

Start - Run (Search) box -Type


press OK

Scroll dwn through the sevices and highlight plug and play

check that the services has started and is set to automatic

if not then right click it select properties - in the start up type box select automatic - click on the start button - click OK.

You may have to reboot before checking device manager again to see if it has reinstalled the driver.

  Muergo 16 Nov 11

Windows7 Home Premium, thanks fruit bat, will that be all right? What fault would I be looking for? as I said, I can't find anything yet that is not working properly.

  buteman 16 Nov 11

If it is an unsigned driver that may be your problem .Microsoft reacts badly to unsigned drivers.

In safe mode you should get Ignore warnings about unsigned drivers something like that and the driver will work ok Till you reboot.

  buteman 16 Nov 11

If it is in Universal Serial Bus Controllers that is what it will be.

  Muergo 19 Nov 11

Done everything advised but yellow warning still appearing, have set to automatic and running/started and rebooted but still says can't find suitable driver,

I think I shall ignore until something malfunctions then I'll know won't I ?

  buteman 19 Nov 11

Have you right clicked it and then click properties to see what the problem is with it.

  buteman 19 Nov 11

Have you gone into device manager to see which one is causing the bother.then right click it then properties.

  Muergo 19 Nov 11

Device manager just shows blanks under "properties" saying no drivers installed.

Again, Troubleshoot tries to find drivers without success.

I'm not sure what USB drivers are missing, all the devices plugged into the USBs are working, there are a couple blank on the hub.

Is the hub the cause of the trouble? Shall I plug all USBs ditectly into the PC and see if it's that, it will mean leaving a couple disconnected as I don't have enough USBs to cope with all of them, hence the need for the hub.

I could temporarily disconnect two external Hard drives as they are not used all the time.

  buteman 19 Nov 11

Maybe I am thinking of the wrong thing.

In device manager and opening up Universal serial bus controllers is it there that you are getting the problems.

Just wondering if it was something that you had plugged into a USB port that you don't use anymore.

I have 4 for USB Host Controller on mine using W/7 32Bit.

I know not a lot about it but if nothing under properties maybe just delete it.Just right click and see if it gives you any options.

But of course I would wait and see what others think.

  Muergo 19 Nov 11

I think I shall pursue my previous strategy, just ignore yellow triangle until I find something that isn't working and then zoom in on that. Thanks for all your thoughts.


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