usb connections on motherboard

  bikegit 11:43 30 Aug 06

Hi just inserted new usb 2 card into motherboard its working ok. i thought i would put the old usb 1 conections from the front of my pc to the internal connections on the new usb board, "BUT"
when i removed the plug off the motherboard i found it was not a single plug but 4 very small individual plugs, you know whats comming!!
i now have let the plug go and do not know what order they go back on. i have red-blue-white-black marked respectivly +5 +D -D GROUND,
i am shure the first pin was red +5
so what are the others
would be very greatfull for any help
el stupido

  DieSse 12:45 30 Aug 06

The only place that will tell you for sure is the motherboard manual. Not all motherboards are the same, and to assume otherwise could damage your motherboard.

Look in the manual - or if you don't have one, tell us the make and model of your m/b

And if you don't know it, Everest (free download) should be able to tell you. click here

  DieSse 12:47 30 Aug 06

BTW how many wires are there altogether?

  bikegit 13:39 30 Aug 06

The motherboard is a JETWAY V266B.rev 3.0
there are four (4) wires

  DieSse 15:07 30 Aug 06

The manual can be downloaded here click here

The USB header is on page 16

The manual is zipped and in pdf form, so you'll need to unzip it and also have the pdf reader installed (you've probably got both - post back if not, they're useful to have anyway).

  DieSse 15:12 30 Aug 06

Just in case -

Looking at the board with the processor at the top, the USB header is in two rows.

From left to right, top row

+5V -D +D GND

bottom row


You can use either row - on the bottom row just ignore the right hand ground pin.

  bikegit 15:23 30 Aug 06

MANY MANY THANKS DieSse it now functions ok
NEXT time i will try to be a little more on the ball !!, but its nice to know somebody out there is willing and able to assist us mere mortals in the ways of the "BLACK ART".
Again thanks

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