USB conflicts with ASDL modem and iPod

  fsssh 16:26 08 Oct 03

i have had an ipod for a couple of months and have had a lot of problems with it, getting pc to recognise it has been a pain in the proverbial and most times when i plug it in i get a pop up message saying the device has malfunctioned and windows (XP) doesnt recognise it. have uninstalled and reinstalled but this doesnt help. after a couple of mins the message goes and it seems to be ok but then it just disconnects itself at random, normally halfway through a data transfer which corrupts the file and forces me to reformat the iPod. Any idea whats wrong with it anyone? they are USB 2.0 ports.

ALso, i have recently joined freeserve broadband, and the usb modem seems to be conflicting with the iPod...whenever i disconnect the iPod manually by the system tray icon "safely remove hardware" it also cuts off my connection to the internet. not a big deal but annoying nonetheless, and interupts any downloading im doing so i have to start from scratch......

any help much appreciated.

  SimianBenzoate 19:45 08 Oct 03

don't know but thought i would bump you back up the list! as i have the same problem

  ahales42 20:04 08 Oct 03

It could be power related. I have a similar problem with my web cam and dsl modem.If one device draws too much power it can knock the other off.

  SimianBenzoate 20:33 08 Oct 03

i thought that, but i think they are on separate USB controllers - besides, the iPod docking port is also plugged into the mains, so i would assume the iPod draws power from this rather than the USB port.

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