USB charging MP3 player ?

  sak41 07:04 08 Jul 06

Hi i have an INOVIX Mp3 player and you are ment to be able to charge it using the usb cable, how is this tell you it can in the user mannual but not how to go about doing it.

Can anyone help.

  26trouble 07:57 08 Jul 06

Have you tried just plugging it in to usb? I got a new mobile phone and motorola just so happen to use standard mini usb for their chargers etc, and so i tried plugging it into the pc to see what happened and it automaticaly started charging.

Same thing happens on my sony mp3 player and my nano.

  sak41 08:08 08 Jul 06

i have plugged it in and it has lite up so i will leave it for a couple of hours and see what happens..thanks for your help, i will get back to you if that fails to work,,thank you.

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