USB - cannot use any ports now!

  embed 15:37 09 Nov 03

I have windows XP home and have Epson C70 and photo 830 printers installed; also a scanner Epson 1250 is installed. The camera is a Fuji finepix and is downloaded using using a USB port. All of these were working until two weeks ago. the camera refused to download on its existing port and the message 'usb malfunction' was displayed. The other usb ports were working and the camera downloaded without problem. Since then the scanner and printers have failed to work. I have checked the device manager and this shows all are enabled. There is no entry shown to say that i have a printer or scanner attached to the usb ports. There was a power surge at that time could that have caused the problem?

  Amss81 15:48 09 Nov 03

Try installing the drivers again

  gold 47 16:15 09 Nov 03

A power surge can indeed cause a problem you should have a surge protector,check the event log to see if anything is showing up.
You could also check that your USB card is pushed home and not worked loose for what ever reason, did your computer closedown after the surge? it may be worth checking the bios that your USB card
is being supported and has not rebooted in fail safe although i don't see this being the case here.

  critic-al 16:19 09 Nov 03

try this,if you havn't already
click here

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