USB Behaviour

  Lettervanman 20:20 17 Jan 06

In the process of trying to find out why my built in card reader was not working properly I disconnected all my USB hardware. When I reconnected I inadvertently pluged my scanner in a different socket to the one it was in previously.When I tried to scan, popup box said drivers not loaded,since I knew this was not so,I swaped USB's and scanner worked!
I was unaware that the computer was so fussy about which socket was used,anyone else found this happening?

I also think card reader is particular as to which hub it shares,I believe this is connected to the USB bus,and now is working correctly.Must be due to amount of power it shares with others on the hub?

Thought this info may be of use!

  Lettervanman 12:17 18 Jan 06


  PaulB2005 12:27 18 Jan 06

When you install a USB device you sort of install it to that port. If you change the port then you need to reinstal the drivers again.

Some devices don't like USB hubs either.

  stlucia 14:00 18 Jan 06

In my experience, most USB devices can be swapped from one USB socket to another without having to reload drivers (with XP, anyway). But I've experienced one (scanner, if I remember correctly) that was fussy about which socket it went into, and there are also some that won't work properly through a USB hub.

  woodchip 14:03 18 Jan 06

Most of my stuff ask's for drivers if I use another socket

  Lettervanman 16:10 18 Jan 06

For you comments,I had previously put connections back where they had come from without realizing it, so had no problem.

Any thoughts about the card reader?

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