USB Adapter or Wireless Card ?

  mr-greenkey 22 Jan 12

I don't know what to get. What one should I get and what type ? I have absolutely no idea what to get and I really need help with this one.

  Snec 22 Jan 12

An adapter doesn't need fitting so I'd go that way - it's easier and they work fine. Anything from TP-Link or Belkin will be good but make sure you get a 802.11n and 300mbps one with built in antenna. You can get them more or less anywhere.

  Ibanez2010 23 Jan 12

Wireless adapter if you use a laptop. Wireless card if using a desktop. I'd avoid Belkin (had too many problems in the past) and go for TP-Link instead.

I have two desktops running wireless via a USB dongle, and performance is just fine: both speed-test at just under 6Mbps. I guess fitting a card internally is a more 'elegant' solution (and may save you a valuable USB port) but from a performance point of view, I don't think there's anything to choose.

  mr-greenkey 23 Jan 12

Is this one suitable ? Ignore the pricing and what not, I mean just the card.

Thanks for the replies :)

  Ibanez2010 23 Jan 12

Which one?

  Woolwell 23 Jan 12

Be aware that a card on a desktop usually means that the aerial is behind the tower and may be obscured by it.

  Woolwell 23 Jan 12

If the router is not far from the desktop then connect by cable.

  mr-greenkey 23 Jan 12

Oh woops I meant to post this link :D

  Ibanez2010 23 Jan 12

That would be fine, though you can get them cheaper on Amazon. You could get one with a relocation antenna so you can place it on your desk.

  mr-greenkey 23 Jan 12


I would but the router is in the other room and I would have to drill a hole through the wall to get a LAN cable through so I don't think I csn do that.


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