usb 6-in-i card reader not picked up by Windows ME

  QualBob 14:43 12 Nov 04

I think this is an IRQ problem but I can't get a 6-in-1 (no name on unit and it came with no drivers disk) card reader to be recognised (ie no light comes on on the reader) by Windows ME. I'm also fairly certain that when I try a Wacom Tablet in the same usb ports (it is also not picked up but works fine on a laptop)email stops working!

Any ideas?

  Graham ® 14:47 12 Nov 04

Could be ME has no drivers for a cardreader.

Also, check in Device Manager for USB hub properties, including Power.

  Technotiger 14:58 12 Nov 04

Hi QualBob, I used to use a card reader with ME, the light on my card only came on when I inserted a card to read, all worked ok. I now have XP with built-in card reader connected direct to MB, the light on this one is on permanently, as it should be. ME picked up the card reader without any special driver disk.
Hope yours is quickly resolved.

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