USB 3 Cables & connections

  Furkin 16 Oct 11

I’ve just ordered a USB 3 PCIe 1x card for my desktop, & will be needing some cables,,, but more importantly – information please.

I know that USB3 is backward compatible, but the connectors are different. Are there cables around to connect either a usb3 PC to usb2 peripheral or usb3 peripheral to usb2 PC ?

My desktop will have both connections, but my laptop has only USB2, so I’ll need future peripherals to be adaptable. My next purchase is going to be an external HDD, so may well go for USB3,,,, as long as I can use it on the lappy as well.

At present, I don’t have anything that’s USB3, so don’t know what the connections are. I see at Scan that they have some basic [I think ?] cables - (LN32964 - LN33737), but I was wondering if all (or most) USB3 peripherals will have the same / standard connections, like usb2 ?

Cheers all

  rdave13 16 Oct 11

It looks from this list that the connections are compatible though I don't have USB 3. Hope someone will confirm, kenable

  buteman 16 Oct 11

It will just be a normal USB fitting on the mouse mine is.

  Furkin 16 Oct 11

Thanks guys,

Dave: I'll drop kenable a line to see if they do '3 to 2' adaptors.

BM: You using usb3 then ? If so, are you also using usb2 & how do you connect the different versions ?


  gengiscant 16 Oct 11

USB 3 A connection is the same as the usual USB connection.Look here: USB3 A

USB £ B and Micro here: USB 3 B + Micro

  gengiscant 16 Oct 11

USB £ = USB 3

  Furkin 17 Oct 11

Thanks guys, It becomes so clear when you ask the right people.

Gengiscant: Thanks for the pointers - it set me straight.

I was assuming that as the main connector had different leads, that it was a physically different one. I now liken the usb3 socket/cable to an adapter its self.

Right - time to make my mind up about a 2.5" hdd.

As usual, great help & advice.



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