USB 2.0 Speed

  Simon_P 18:33 26 Oct 03

Is there a way to test if USB is working in USB 2.0 mode?

Mobo MSI 6712 KT4AV Onboard USB 2.0
AMD XP 2800+ Barton.

I have a Belkin USB 2.0 card reader that seems a little slow, although this may be the limitation of the media used.


  A_World_Maker 18:57 26 Oct 03

Have you tried using SiSoftware? click here= choose your poison :-)

  Simon_P 19:16 26 Oct 03


I do use sandra, even though I'm not sure I trust the results fully, sandra can be wrong.

  The Sack 19:52 26 Oct 03

USB 2 speed is 480Mbs, my compact flash writes at about 208Mbs which is quite a bit faster than USB 1.1 at 12Mbs.

Put a file of a known size (say 50MB) on the card and time it. you want the size of the file divided by 8 to give you Mbits divided by the time. So 50MB(51200KB as there are 1024 KB in one MB)/8=6400Mb/30 (presuming it took 30 seconds) = 213.3Mbs transfer speed.

  Simon_P 20:04 26 Oct 03

Thank you

I have done a test file.

I dont think I will get the full 480 mbs due to CF speed.

I just wanted to see if it was working better than USB 1.1 and it is.(about 190 mbs)

Thanks for the formula to work it out


Interesting - File for future ref.

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