usb 2.0 expansion card

  keef66 10:37 03 Nov 05

3 yr old pc with socket A mobo. 2 onboard usb 1 ports plus another 2 courtesy of the soundcard. Quite slow downloading some large music / video / photo files. Can I just put in a usb 2 pci expansion card to give me an extra 4 x usb 2 ports? Or does the mobo have to be usb 2 compliant in the first place??

Household likely to acquire I-Pods and PSP's for Xmas so Id like to minimise the time the boys spend arguing over the pc.

  Splork 10:44 03 Nov 05

Yes, just plug and play as it were. No need for your mobo to be USB2 compatible, if the card is USB2 it will work fine. If you want to run ADSL b/band off it, try to steer clear of VIA chipset based cards.

  jack 10:46 03 Nov 05

A USB 2 PCI card- will have its own onboard processor
so that the data passed to MoBo is USB2.
Effectively a cheap MoBo upgrade

  jack 10:49 03 Nov 05

Splork said
'Try to steer clear of VIA chip cards'

Now why would that be?
I have recently purchased and installed one for one of my flock
Do I now sit and worry I may have done them a wrong?
Do tell

  keef66 10:50 03 Nov 05

quick response there! So for 20 notes I can bung in a card and have USB 2 ports a-plenty. marvellous news!

  Splork 10:53 03 Nov 05

Just personal experience trying to get a couple of broadband modems working with VIA, if yours works then don't worry about it. There are known issues with some older versions of VIA chipsets and broadband modems.

  jack 14:15 03 Nov 05
  keef66 23:20 18 Nov 05

found one for a fiver from e-buyer

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