USB 2 PCI ports

  The Belarussian Mafia 11:04 05 Apr 04

Do you need a relatively new motherboard in order for PCI USB 2 ports to work at full speed, or does it not make any difference? (My computer is nearly four years old - i.e. it was made before USB 2 came out.)

  vinnyT 12:30 05 Apr 04

No, if you'r using w98se or above (I don't think any win os below this sopports usb), just pop the card in a free pci slot, and load the drivers, if needed. Hope this helps.

  Djohn 12:44 05 Apr 04

Same as vinnyT with a little extra info. If your board will support USB1 then a PCI USB2 card should work fine. Also I think but not absolutely sure, this will apply to 98 as well. j.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 12:48 05 Apr 04

Also if XP you need XPSP1 for usb 2 support.


  The Belarussian Mafia 13:12 05 Apr 04

Thanks folks. I'm on Win 98SE, so it sounds like everything should work at full speed. Mind you bearing in mind what  ÑÌÇKÑÂMË said, it sounds a bit strange that Microsoft incorporated whatever was needed to run USB2 into 98SE but didn't include it in the original release of XP. Perhaps it means USB2 support for 98SE must have been included in a service pack too?

  fsbb 14:25 05 Apr 04

I know you are running 98SE, but for benefit of others. Before I rebuilt my system I was running Win 98 with USB 1 onboard and USB 2 PCI card - no problems.

  Quiller. 15:25 05 Apr 04

The usb 2.0 drivers for win 98 and M.E. are freely available. This means that peripheral manufacturers can supply the drivers for 98 and M.E. with their products. If X\P is detected then you are requested to download service pack 1. Of course this is if you are using the older X\P disk. The usb 2.0 drivers are also freely available to download off the web for 98 and M.E.

The reason microsoft will not release the drivers for X\P is so those with pirated copies do not benefit from usb 2.0. Microsoft can detect if a user is using a pirated copy ( of X\P) if they visit the microsoft website for service packs.

  The Belarussian Mafia 15:57 05 Apr 04

bsod: looks like a thorough, authoritative answer re drivers. Interesting. Thanks.

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