barrie_g 18:03 12 Apr 03

Hi sorry if this has been done before but I've done a search of the Helproom (all discussions) and nothing I could find that covered it.

System spec; XP Home Sp1, mobo MSI 845PE, Lian Li case, I think this all the relevant info if you need any more just ask.

Ok now for the problem, checking in "Device Manager"

I have 1 listing for "usb2 enhanced host controller -24cd"

I have 3 listings for "usb universal host controller" 2 of which have 24c2 next to them and 1 which has 24c7 next to it.

the motherboard support 6 usb2 ports, so I assume that the port(s) which show as usb2 are attached to the mobo, which comes with a, 2 port d-bracket(usb2), The Lian-li (pc7) case has 2 front usb2 compatible ports (which is why I bought it)

I've tried uninstalling the ports, updating the drivers, and nothing seems to work to get the ports recognised as usb2 and I would be grateful if anyone had any ideas

  recap 18:09 12 Apr 03

barrie_g, when you uninstalled the ports did you do a hard re-boot to allow Windows to recognise them?

  barrie_g 18:17 12 Apr 03


  recap 18:24 12 Apr 03

On recommendations from Djohn in a previous posting of mine, Djohn recommends installing service pack 1 for XP.

  barrie_g 18:27 12 Apr 03

I'm running windows xp sp1, not the addin service pack but the version of xp home with sp1 combined.

  barrie_g 19:54 12 Apr 03

anyone got any ideas?

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