usb 2

  bigray 07:48 13 Jul 04

purchased a usb 2 memory stick, but when I plug it in I get the message (hi-speed usb device plugged into non hi speed hub) the retailer I purchased my pc from insists that I have usb 2 on my pc, ie must be faulty mem stick, but works ok on friends pc, can anyone please help, thanks

  Jakey boy 08:12 13 Jul 04

...It looks like your retailer is pulling a fast one, (no pun intended) It appears your PC has USB 1.1 rather that 2.0 i'm afraid.

  Mister Splendid©® 08:19 13 Jul 04

Agree with Jakey boy, that's what it looks like.

  ventanas 08:19 13 Jul 04

Go to Device Manager and check the USB entries. If one says Enhanced you have USB2. If not then you have 1.1

  norman47 08:24 13 Jul 04

If you are using windows x\p, then you must have sp1 installed. If you do not then your usb 2.0 ports on the computer will only register as usb 1.1

  bigray 11:54 13 Jul 04

many, many, thanks you guys, went in device manager,
one entry says "via usb 2.0 Enhanced host controller" so what am I doing wrong?

  terryr48 12:03 13 Jul 04

are you plugging it direct into the computer or via a usb hub? if you are using a hub this could be usb1 as I found out.

  bigray 12:25 13 Jul 04

plugged into all usb ports & get same message
"hi-speed usb device plugged into non hi speed hub" it only works at reduced speed, thanks for your help.

  terryr48 12:32 13 Jul 04

Can you try it in someone else's computer? at least this will find out if its your comp or the memory stick at fault

  Carafaraday 12:40 13 Jul 04

I am about to get a new pc which will have USB2, will I still be abale touse USB one peripherals with it?

  bigray 13:01 13 Jul 04

tried it in another pc, works ok, Carafaraday I believe you can use usb components in a usb socket,

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