USB 1.1 vs USB 2 Anyone help?

  six-h 01:21 12 Dec 04

I've bought the aldi Tevion MP3 player and find it's connection is the old 1.1 what are the implications?---Sorry already posted with bad thread title

  lotvic 01:38 12 Dec 04

found this, hope it helps
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quote/"USB 2
Why not take something good and make it even better? That's just what the computer industry did with USB 2. With a maximum transfer rate of 480 mbps, or 60 mb per second, USB 2 is forty times faster than USB 1. Better yet, it is backwardly compatible with USB 1. That means that if your new computer comes with USB 2, you can still use your old USB devices. Of course, they will perform at USB 1 speeds, but they will still work properly. To take full advantage of the speed of USB 2, the devices that you purchase must be USB 2 enabled and must be run from a USB 2 port. These speedy devices have already made their appearance and are sure to be plentiful in the future. The speed of USB 2 will be beneficial to many devices including digital cameras, hard drives, and DVD drives. To recognize a USB 2 port or device, look for the USB High-Speed logo." /end quote

  six-h 01:46 12 Dec 04

Thanks for that, but it only underlines my own thoughts "why would an mp3 player bought literally today(11.12.04)be supplied with old 1.1 standard connection?

  temp003 09:52 12 Dec 04

Probably because it's cheaper to have USB1.1?

Also, it depends on the capacity of the player. The smaller the capacity, the less likely it will use usb2.

  six-h 16:41 23 Dec 04

Thanks temp003, not yet attempted to download any tracks yet, just hope it doesn't take forever to transfer 128 mb. But I now see the logic of it
Thanks again.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:56 23 Dec 04

Without going into any technical detail, USB is broken up into three speed groups;
Low Speed USB1(1.5Mbps), Full Speed USB1.1 (12Mbps), and Hi-Speed USB2 (480Mbps)

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