usa dialer

  paul1965 19:16 08 Apr 04

a dialer has got into my laptop.
it has changed my home page and filled my favourites up with porn sites which return every time i delete them
i ran spybot and it mentioned h-key user in internet settings.
where can i find that to change and any other tips?

  VoG II 19:18 08 Apr 04

Wouldn't it be easier to tick all the entries and get Spybot to fix them?

  paul1965 19:55 08 Apr 04

spybot hasnt fixed them.i cant even get online anymore on that pc.i get messages saying modem is being used by another connection.

  Graham ® 20:43 08 Apr 04

It may not be a dialer, sounds like a hijack. Download click here and inflict it on the laptop.

  bretsky 20:48 08 Apr 04

This my help you click here

bretsky ;0)

  cycoze 21:03 08 Apr 04

ok you have tried spybot-s-d and cwshredder(mentioned in another tread, download and update adaware free from click here , also , spywareblaster from click here , and BHODemon (sure this will find it ) from click here , and finally dialercontrol from click here (site is in German but the download gives you the choice to install as English).

Try all of the above after you have emptied your temp and temporary internet folders .

  paul1965 21:07 08 Apr 04

i tried the cws earlier,didnt clear it up.
will try the homepage cleanup later.have to go out for a while.thanks guys

  Graham ® 21:25 08 Apr 04

Mine's a pint.

  paul1965 18:35 09 Apr 04

would you like crisps with that?
im on evenings and weekends tariff so im back on the case now

  paul1965 19:08 09 Apr 04

hijack this seems to have fixed it
thanks a lot

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