US Laptop Compatibility

  Zamzam 03:22 11 Dec 05

Hey, I've got a friend coming over from the States. I was wondering if she'd be able to use her laptop over here, and if not what she'd need to get it working/stop it blowing up over here.

  john-232317 08:56 11 Dec 05

I assume a Power adaptor, theirs is 110 ours is 240 unless its a dual voltage laptop.

  Gongoozler 10:17 11 Dec 05

I just looked at the power supply on my laptop, and it is specified for an input voltage from 110 to 240V, and frequency 50 to 60Hz. If your friend's is the same, then it will work over here without any modification except that a plug adapter will probably be needed.

  Smiler 11:50 11 Dec 05

Yes mine's the same :-)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:06 11 Dec 05

HAve several people from the states come and work ovehere using laptops without any problems other than a plug adaptor (a two pin shaver socket will do the job)

  Zamzam 03:04 17 Dec 05

Thanks for the help guys. =]

  jvccourt 22:22 26 Dec 05

Hi, I have a similar question. I live in the US and have bought a used Laptop for my 78-year-old mother visiting from the Uk to use in England. It's a Dell Latitude CPi D300XT and I am pretty sure it can handle the voltage.

I bought a plug adapter, and will get a phone jack converter too. I am concerned whether I need to get a new power cable according to the Dell Help info. I get differing info from various web sourcs, and Dell states, "you may need to obtain a new power cable rated for use with the level of electrical voltage in that country". The cable we have is an AA20031 input 100-240 V. Alos do I need to worry about zapping the modem?d

Is there anything else we should buy or are we safe not to blow up the laptop?
I would really appreciate some advice.
Thanks so much!

  woodchip 22:32 26 Dec 05

Just checked My Mains adapter. It also is a 110-240v ac


The mains cable as a three pin plug for UK but it goes into a general two pin on the adapter So earth is of no importance other than it lifts a safety gate in a UK socket so that things cannot be pushed into live without the earth pin being in

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