URLs in Mozilla Thunderbird

I've been using this program for a few days now, and I find it very good.

However, unlike OE, when I type in a URL it doesn't become a clickable link. In OE, they used to immediately change colour and become an active link.

This is a pain for one of my conats as I frequently send him URLs and at present he needs to copy/paste the URL address into his browser, rather than just clicking it.

Have I missed something simple? Can I get Thunderbird to do this? If so, how?

  Stuartli 17:51 03 Feb 05

They appear in the usual blue colour in Thunderbird for me in Sent e-mails - it may not work until they are actually sent.

I've checked some of my Sent e-mails containing links and, as I say, they are in blue starting with a < and ending with a >; there has been no need for any configuration to achieve such links.

  octal 17:53 03 Feb 05

I've just checked my version and if I write an email and want to add a URL I go to Insert the in the drop down menu click Link.... or Ctrl+l, a box opens to enter the URL, Thunderbird has the additional advantage if you highlight a word you can change it into a clickable link, I don't think you can do the in OE.

When I say my version, it is the Linux one, so I'm hoping its the same as the Windows version.

  JayDay 09:23 07 Feb 05

Stuartli is right. For some reason when you type the email the link doesn't appear in blue. However if you check your sent box and check the email the link will be blue.

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