url to video to phone

hi all, is there any tool/converter i can use to covert an url ( ie liveleak or youtube )to video that i can send to and from mobiles, i have flv converter but it doesnt seem to work, any advice appriciated, thank all

  sean-278262 17:18 08 Feb 07

I dont think you make much sense in what you have asked. You want to save flash movie files (FLV) from the likes of youtube. Get the unplug plugin for firefox. Just google for both as they are free. That then can be saved to a desktop. However you dont say what mobiles. My smart phone with a larger screen will play just about anything where as an older smaller phone wont play anything that is oversized for its screen.

Could you maybe explain further what you want to do.

hi ill try to clarify, i want to convert flv urls from you tube for example, and convert them to a 3GP file, so i can connect my nokia N95 up to my pc and drop the files on to my memory card to view on my phone

  tasslehoff burrfoot 18:58 25 Nov 07

Any use

click here

cant get vixy.net to work

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