URGENT: Possibility of Burnt Processor

I have just had a minor scare. My computer turned itself off and then asked if i wanted to submit the error when i rebooted so i said yes. The diagnosis was overheating of the CPU or memory etc. I then ran the motherboard utility that someone on this board suggested ages ago... and it said the processor was running at 127C. Needless to say i turned off straight away. I was just wondering has any permanent damage been done to the processor, or a better way of putting it, could it have? Thanks in Advance.

  De Marcus 21:48 15 Jul 05

It's highly unlikely your pc would stay switched on long enough to record that temp. What programmedid you use?

Motherboard Monitor (MBM), as i say it came as a suggestion from this board.
And i was going to do a screen shot so i could prove it but thought turning off would be a safer option. T.

  De Marcus 21:53 15 Jul 05

When you installed MBM did the list of supported motherboards have yours in it ?

  De Marcus 21:54 15 Jul 05

If your confident in the bios most mobo manufacturers include a utility for hardware monitoring which should give you a temp read out more reliable than anything that windows could use.

  VoG II 21:54 15 Jul 05

Was there a smell? Sorry to get technical but...

Yep. XFX Mach 4. Even checked the box!

lol. No there wasn't. And is not *sniffs outside of case*.

  De Marcus 21:56 15 Jul 05

Ah the smell, if there was your cpu's toast, literally :-(

Btw it was also saying that the outside case temp was over 80C because the program itself wanted to shut the computer down for its own safety. T.

  De Marcus 21:59 15 Jul 05

Uninstall MBM, it's temperature protection module's are abviously out of sync with the actual mobo probes and is shutting the pc down, to protect it. There are a few other temp monitors if your still concerned.

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