URGENT Need to Know (hard drive size)

  noob17 20:15 29 Dec 05

This seems to be a stupid question

how do i know what the size of my hard drive is???
in terms of inches???
which size do i measure and what are the different varieties???


  bremner 20:17 29 Dec 05

Generally a laptop will be 2.5" and Desktop 3.5".

There will be exceptions to this. Some desktop replacement laptoips may have 3.5" drives (Acer for example) and some laptops have 1.8" drives if they are extremely thin. (Sharp for example)

  noob17 20:19 29 Dec 05

well iv taken the hard drive out so which size do i measure????

  bremner 20:21 29 Dec 05

What is the make and model?

  noob17 20:28 29 Dec 05

model: ST3160021A

  VoG II 20:30 29 Dec 05

3.5 inch click here

  noob17 20:31 29 Dec 05

ID LIKE TO KNOW WHETHER ITS SATA OR IDE OR ATA so that i can get an hard drive enclosure for it

  jack 20:50 29 Dec 05

I suspect [some know someone may kick me for this]
that it is an IDE drive because as far as I know they all are. SATA/ATA is more to do with the connection setup within the machine inwhich it is installed.

  bremner 20:50 29 Dec 05
  bremner 20:52 29 Dec 05

HDD are either SATA or IDE - they are different types of interface.

Modern motherboards have both IDE and SATA interfaces but are not interchangable

  Eric10 21:11 29 Dec 05

All the information is included within the part number. You just need to know how to interpret it. click here

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