Urgent, "LEGAL" Music downloads

  ferrispedro 13:23 24 Feb 05

Please help.My children want to start downloading music from Limewire using my PC.Is this legal or not? Peter.

  JonnyTub 13:32 24 Feb 05

It's illegal

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 13:51 24 Feb 05

try here click here

  vinnyT 14:00 24 Feb 05

click here
Since 1999, we've used listener ratings to generate the definitive charts of emerging music. Nineteen top-ranking GarageBand.com artists have been signed by major labels.

click here
betterPropaganda brings you the very best of new, cutting edge music from independent electronic, hip hop, indie and other labels and artists.

The above will take you to two sites that offer free legal music downloads.

Hope this helps.

  taffyal 14:02 24 Feb 05

How about Win MX? I'm told its legal!

  Chezdez 14:13 24 Feb 05

it's a weird one is P2P

basically, using P2P programs (kazaa, shareaza, limewire) is NOT illegal, you can use them to transfer uncopywrited/unlicensed files (your OWN music, videos etc), but if you use it to transfer a file that is copywrited/licensed, then you are breaking the law

so, you won't be arrested for having limewire/kazaa/shareaza on your computer, but any licensed/copywrited files you have on your computer can be incriminating

  Salinger 14:15 24 Feb 05

They are all legal, it's the use to which they are put that can be illegal i.e. downloading copyright music.

  JonnyTub 15:08 24 Feb 05


"My children want to start downloading music from Limewire using my PC.Is this legal or not?"

It's illegal, end of story.

Lime itself is not as others have stated, downloading copyrighted music tracks without paying is.

  TomJerry 15:26 24 Feb 05

they changed admi password and lock parent out and pretend they are doing school work, ha ha

  ferrispedro 15:29 24 Feb 05

Thank you for your response,Peter.

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