Urgent: Laptop Hard Drive Needed

  poogles_uk 16:48 07 Nov 04

I need a 2-5 or 10gb hard drive for a Gateway 2000 laptop.

I know click here used to sell them but the websute is down.

Anyone any ideas on where i can find one. New preferably, im about to look on ebay.



  jack 17:03 07 Nov 04

Get your self a copy of MicroMart
Comes out weekly on Thursday
WHSmith or any other large N/agent.
Plenty of ads there for all sorts of 'putery' spares.
Any 2.5 drive to size will do.
The mounting may be different, they tend to sit in a shell/cassette -screw holes may vary, but have no fear double sided tape works wonders.

  poogles_uk 18:31 07 Nov 04


Anyone any ideas what the max size a Gateway 2000 laptop will take?

  jack 20:11 08 Nov 04

The easy way is to match the existing drive size. howver thnigs move on and you may find that drives have increased in size. I repair a 2Gb Tosh and put an IBM 6Gb in, it worked ok.
however there are operating systems/bios/ mobo constraints so possibly.
more detail on those factors and some of the lads will keep you informed.

  Belatucadrus 20:52 08 Nov 04
  poogles_uk 18:51 09 Nov 04

I can't really see a 20gb working in a 7 year old laptop!!

But thanks for the help

  Belatucadrus 19:02 09 Nov 04

Depends on the BIOS and updating a laptop BIOS may be a little problematic. I have no idea what effect partitioning would have, but it may be worth considering if the drive's too big for the MOBO.

  poogles_uk 19:21 09 Nov 04

If all else fails im gonna put virtual pc on another windows xp laptop and run the programs from there

I need help with the dual booting, if anyone can help, read topic Strange Dual Boot.

  sicknote 19:32 09 Nov 04

Autdirect site seems to be up and running now,Like you i have had trouble trying to access site in the last few days.

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