URGENT Help with seagate external hard drive

  rakhbir 22:30 25 Jun 09

Hi, I've got this seagate 320GB external harddrive like 2 years ago and is working fine until a week ago. the model is somewhat like

click here

Now the problem is when i switched it on, the power light is flashing instead of it should turned on like usual.

On top, it use to make a sound to boot up but it is not making anymore and seems like I cannot use it anymore. Can anyone help me with it? Really appretiate it!!!

Thanx in advance,

  lotvic 23:26 25 Jun 09

UK Seagate.com click here
As your drive is only 2 years old you may find that it is still under warranty and if faulty will get replaced.
Click on 'warranty checker' and put the serial number in and model number.

There is also a trouble shoot section to check your drive out.

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