URGENT Disk Drive "Not Accesible"

  K.H 16:37 25 Nov 03


When i want to play a DVD or any other format disk on my DVD drive, for one the PC doesn't automatically detect that a CD is in the drive, and in "My Computer" when i click on the DVD drive(i have a DVD drive as Master, and a CD Writer Drive as a secondary) is says "D:\ is not accesible, The Device is not connected."

Also, if it helps, this doesnt happen on the Writer drive, just the DVD drive.



  K.H 16:47 25 Nov 03

Any suggestions people?



  plankton 16:50 25 Nov 03

Does it read CD's (i.e. music and software?)

  xania 16:50 25 Nov 03

It sounds to me as if you've lost your DVD in some way, although having it as master, I would have thought that the slave would be knocked out as well. Check your data cables on the DVD - both ends - take them off and replace them, checking for bent pins. Try a different power connection. Also check the jumper is correctly set. I assume that your BIOS is set up to see the DVD - double check. If all else fails, I would imply that the DVD has met its maker.

  K.H 16:52 25 Nov 03

Read CD's i just tried

When i go to MY COmputer it still says the same thing D:\ is not accesible, The Device is not connected."



Have you checked in Device Manager?

  K.H 16:56 25 Nov 03

Its sayin the device is workin properly.



  alcudia 16:59 25 Nov 03

You can pick up a dvd-rom for about £20 nowadays. Not much if it cures the problem. It could of course be the cable that has failed. These are also cheap, so it might be worth replacing both, but as your cd drive still works this is unlikely. I assume you have checked all the connections in case anything has popped out.

  K.H 17:06 25 Nov 03

Yes, i have just took the case off and done a full inspection, took out the ide cables and cleared them of any dust, still same problem.

well, like you say, if i can pick up a DVD drive from £20 then, my problem is probably solved.

thanks for all your imput people.


Sounds like its read its last Disk

  K.H 17:27 25 Nov 03

I just dont understand WHY it could just......Die, for no reason. i watched fast and furios DVD the other day, it was fine.

never mind.


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