Urban Myth ?

  Learalike 13:00 20 Aug 06

A pal at work told me that all printers print a invisible code onto to the paper that uniquely identifies your printer, I said thats most likely rubbish but wouldn`t be surprised if it did, does anyone know the truth of this ?,

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:12 20 Aug 06


  Learalike 13:18 20 Aug 06

Thanks Fruit Bat, I`ll tell him your opinion, I think he`s a little paranoind about being "Watched" everywhere he goes and in everything he does.

  iconoclast 13:18 20 Aug 06

Some printers in highly secure situations have been set up like this but these are NOT the kinds of printers you get in PC World...so, essentially a myth

  mattyc_92 13:20 20 Aug 06

There is some truth....

But it doesn't print "code". Instead you printer can be identified by the "type" of ink. Just like your "handwriting" can be identified (well, similar)

  iconoclast 13:20 20 Aug 06

Incidentally, Stalin was one of the most paranoid people of all time...however, he preferred to describe his paranoia as 'vigilance'...a neat euphemism which your friend might like to adopt...

  Learalike 13:29 20 Aug 06

I don`t think my pal is really paranoid, just over "secure", I think he`s missing out on a lot, e,g he absolutely refuses to do any of his banking online, I do all mine on line because it`s just so convenient. Thanks to all that respond to this thread :).

  rodriguez 13:30 20 Aug 06

Your average printer can't print any invisible ink as there is no invisible ink cartridge - unless it's invisible. But if you needed to replace the invisible ink cartridge how could you replace it if it's invisible? Hmmmmm. However some corperations use a method similar to this to track documents and things like that. Just the cartridge with the invisible ink in is in fact - visible. ;-)

  Learalike 13:35 20 Aug 06

LOL, I like that answer `rodriguez`, I`m gonna Print that off for him, and show him where the `invisible` code is, lol.

  Ray5776 13:39 20 Aug 06

"your average printer can`t print any invisible ink as there is no invisible ink cartridge - unless it`s invisible"
How can you be sure it is not there then :-)

  rodriguez 13:40 20 Aug 06

I don't get any warning that the invisible ink cartridge level is low :-D

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