Upstream speed ok?

  nick_j007 18:02 06 Oct 04

Hi all,

I'm on 1mbps service with Wanadoo now and just tested the speed as it felt slow.

My actual downstream speed was 938Kbps, which seems good to me, but the upstream was shown as this normal/acceptable please?

Test done with ADSL guide click here

Thanks for any input,


  Gaz 25 18:26 06 Oct 04

In short:

Downstream is what your computer downloads

Upstream is what your computer uploads to other PC's.

Up stream is only really important when running a webserver for example.

242Kbps is perfectly normal, and the reason ISP's leave this low is to prevent the running of a webserver from home connections.

I think you should check for viruses & spyware if your speed is slow, also ensure that all the drivers are updated and set-up correctly.

Otherwise, its maybe just the ISP's bandwidth is running short because of the amount of users.


  nick_j007 18:30 06 Oct 04

Thanks Gaz 25, I must be ok then as I'm bang up to date with all my spyware cleaning/viruses etc.


  woodchip 18:57 06 Oct 04

Your speed is about right

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