uprading help from a gts 240 to a gtx 680

  matt-pc 13:35 PM 15 Jan 13

hi all. i would like to know if a gtx 680 would work with my motherboard which is a dell pc one.

i don't know much about computers but this is a temporary upgrade until i get my proper gaming pc.

these are the stats from cpu-z for the motherboard

manufacturer - dell inc model 0x231r chipset - intel DMI host bridge southbridge - intel P55 LPCIO - ITE IT8730

graphic interface version - PCI-E link width - X16 max supported X16

  Chronos the 2nd 13:39 PM 15 Jan 13

I very much doubt if the power supply unit (PSU) in the Dell will be enough for the GTX 680 + I suspect that your processor (CPU) would bottleneck the 680 and you would see very little benefit.

It would have been more useful to post the model number of the Dell then we can look at the specs.

  matt-pc 13:43 PM 15 Jan 13

its a xps 8000 does that help lol

  matt-pc 13:47 PM 15 Jan 13

just checked and found that the PSU would be no where near enough to run the gtx 680 so back to the drawing board i go thanks for the reply anyway


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