Uploading to the web.

  ordep 17:37 01 Apr 06

I've created a web site in 1&1 and uploaded it to the web but, it seems it cant be viewed in the popular browsers, ie Google.

I'm having to wait 3 weeks for a disk from them that has Hello Engines! 4.0 that apparently uploads your site to these popular search engines.

Once uploaded it seems you have to wait some weeks before your presents is finally on-line. Is there an easier or quicker way to get up and running does any body know. Any help would be appreciated.

  ade.h 17:43 01 Apr 06

I'm a bit bit confused and it sounds as if you may be, too.

Firstly, Google is not a browser - it's a search engine (one of a great many). So can you please clarify whether you are 1) experiencing a problem uploading your site to your webspace, or 2) whether your query relates to search engine submission?

If you are asking about the latter, it takes a variable amount of time for popular search engines to find your URL. If no other sites link to yours, then you can make a manual URL submission to search engines, though this should not be necessary. If at least one site links to yours, it will be found and indexed eventually, with an initial Pagerank of zero.

  ordep 17:53 01 Apr 06

Thanks for a speed reply ade.h. Its the latter, search engine submission I think I'm trying to say.

When I contacted 1&1 today, they found my site ok, but I'm not sure what search engine they were using as I'm unable to find it! (In Google).
May be i should do it myself making a "manual URL submission".
How would I go about that.

  ade.h 18:02 01 Apr 06
  ordep 18:20 01 Apr 06

Many thanks for all you help ade.h.

  Forum Editor 18:26 01 Apr 06

They'll find you in their own good time, and they'll list you. Times have changed with regard to the big engines, and although a few years ago getting a listing was a fine art, it will happen automatically now.

Don't expect wonders however. If your site is about Andalusian ferret breeding it will probably come pretty high in the rankings, but a site that extols the virtues of Jennifer Lopez's anatomical attributes will be lost in a sea of similar offerings. It's all about being unique - if you can manage that you've arrived in search-engine heaven.

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