upload/download ?

  Macnova 00:58 23 Dec 04

What is the best/easiest way for me and my friends to share large files , home movies large audio files etc ? We all have broadband or faster connections . msn and email are too slow .

  Salinger 01:05 23 Dec 04

You can use P2P at your your own discretion!

  toni b 01:27 23 Dec 04

do a search in google for bit torrent, Ideal for transfer of large files.There are various bit torrents applications some more configurable than others.

  Macnova 01:42 23 Dec 04

yes i have tried p2p but find it difficult to link up with my friends . is there a way to link directly with a specific pc and share files ? or is p2p the way to go , or a torrrent client ?

  ACOLYTE 01:56 23 Dec 04

click here

Dont know if this is any good.

  Gaz_dc 09:46 23 Dec 04

You could try and set up a VPN (virtual private network). However, I think (but am not too sure) that you will need a static IP address. If I am wrong, I hope somebody will put me right on that.

ps, don't ask me HOW to set up the VPN!

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 09:56 23 Dec 04


  281apple 19:00 23 Dec 04

Why not simply create a web site. You can upload everything you want with an FTP but you will have to learn how to make a simple web site..... You can then give the login and the pass word to your friends, making sure they have an FTP Program and they can go to your site and download copies of anything on it.

  Macnova 19:30 23 Dec 04

Thanks , how will bandwidth be dictated ? Is that down to the host server ? The point being to maximize the use of available bandwidth and speed up downloads .

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