Upgrading xp Laptop Drive Without Discs. If Take Image, Need xp Product Key?

  woodface7 24 Apr 12

We plan to upgrade our 32bit xp Laptop's drive, which doesn't have discs or a readable code on the COA sticker. (It is legit - owned from new).

If we an take an image of the drive, would we need the xp Product Key? Windows won't want re-authenticating, finding itself on a changed drive?

BTW, We've never 'copied' a drive before, so if anyone has links to any good 'how to' guides, we'd be grateful!

  onthelimit1 24 Apr 12

I'd say the easiest way is to put the new drive in an external caddy, and use Seagate's (HDD manufacturer) own cloning tool Diskwizard, which is a slimmed down version of Acronis, but free seagate site

You should be able to find the COA number in case you need it with magic Jellybean from here

  T0SH 24 Apr 12

There should be no re authentification issues if you clone/image the existing drive to a larger one

Depending on the new drive manufacturer if you choose one of the better known brands they will most likely have some free drive cloning/imaging software available on their web site for download often this is based on the Acronis products which will make the project easy for you

Cheers HC

  Batch 24 Apr 12

Out of interest, what type of drive are you upgrading from and to (e.g. IDE, SATA, SSD)?

  woodface7 24 Apr 12

Thanks for the great cloning ideas.

I bought a bunch of 160gb Fujitsu external drives a couple of years back. I've never had one apart, but I think it's a safe bet they're a) SATA and b) Fujitsu!

  KRONOS the First 24 Apr 12

Well if you bought a bunch of 160GB Fujitsu external drives a couple of years back then there is a good chance they are Fujitsu.LOL.

  Batch 25 Apr 12

If the external drives are SATA (which by the sounds of it you aren't sure of), are you certain that the existing lappie drive is SATA as well? I ask as I'm guessing the machine is a few years old (as the OS is XP) and might have an IDE drive and you won't be able to swap out an IDE and insert a SATA (or vice versa for that matter).


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