Upgrading to WMP 11

  worf007 03:17 03 Apr 08

Hi, sorry if this sounds like a silly question, i'm quite a newbie. I've downloaded WMP11, when I install it, will everything thats in WMP9 be automatically be in WMP11? There are some things in my WMP9 thats not in my music folder and I dont want to lose them. Also for some reason a lot of my music files are in double or triple in WMP9 but not in the folders in my music. I'm hoping that if I upgrade then everything will be in WMP11 and not doubled. Thanks.

  rawprawn 09:49 03 Apr 08

Everything that is in WMP9 will be in WMP11 when you have installed it. You need to sort your files out in WMP9 before loading WMP11

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