upgrading pentium d 915

  oovarvu 22:48 21 Jun 08

i'm considering upgrading my computer with a new graphics card and cpu. firstly, given that its a dell dimension e520 is it worth upgrading? ifso then secondly, which cpus could i buy (price range upto £100) that would give me a significant performance boost. thirdly, will i have to get a new power supply? i have no idea what i have. fourthly,i'm considering a 8800gts graphics card, any thoughts?

  Quiller. 23:14 21 Jun 08

3) it's a 305W power supply. If you upgrade the cpu and put in a PCI-e card you would have to upgrade the PSU.

  mrwoowoo 23:17 21 Jun 08

According to this you can upgrade to a core 2 duo.
click here
Your power supply is only 350w so the best card is a 9600GT as the 8800gts requires a 450w PSU.
The 9600gt is almost on a par,espeacially with the overclocked version but cheaper.From £85.00 on Nova tech.
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  oovarvu 16:08 22 Jun 08

thanks gents, appreciate the info.

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