Upgrading my pc need help!

  Stryda 11:12 AM 24 Nov 11

Hey, I'm wanting to upgrade my pc, the link below takes you to a picture of my computer info from cpuid.. [IMG]http://i953.photobucket.com/albums/ae15/StrydaJ/ComputerInfo.jpg[/IMG] What would be the best way of updating my computer a bit? Ideally for no more than £100, if thats possible! Also, what kind of motherboard can I buy with this computer? Do you need two pci-e slots to sli? Can I upgrade my cpu? What kind of cpu is compatible? Many Thanks

  Stryda 11:15 AM 24 Nov 11

Sorry, other link was broke try this one, and sorry for double post! http://i953.photobucket.com/albums/ae15/StrydaJ/ComputerInfo.jpg

  gengiscant 11:51 AM 24 Nov 11

Use SIW to list your components,in particular your motherboard.SIW download.Also make and type of RAM.What power supply you have. Or you could just post make and model of PC.

  Stryda 14:11 PM 24 Nov 11

Thanks for that, ok its an Acer Aspire M3200, with RS780HVF model motherboard, cpu is amd phenom x3 8450, graphics card is nvidia gt 9600.


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