upgrading my p.c

  big thomo 19:32 02 Jan 03
  big thomo 19:32 02 Jan 03

I'm looking to upgrade my p.c and was wondering where about to get my components from?

  AdeJ 19:42 02 Jan 03

That is like asking how long is a piece of string! Have a browse through the Consumerwatch past posts and you will find a miriad of recommendations and reprisals..

  wawadave 19:51 02 Jan 03

do sight search on righ hand side of screen
have a nice day

  goonerbill 20:15 02 Jan 03

have a look at this site click here or any good pc fair

  polymath 20:24 02 Jan 03

Once you know what you want, the Micro Mart mag. site at click here is useful. It has fairs etc, & you can search on, say, RAM, for suppliers, & specify a price range.

  Pamy 21:31 02 Jan 03

eclipe-computers.co.uk or fairs.

  The Phantom Menace 23:27 02 Jan 03

any good pc fair

click here

  Gaz 25 23:53 02 Jan 03

click here


click here

Both have brand new components at quite low prices.

Hope this helps.

PS. Make sure your PC is compatable with the components, check the manu documents on the motherboard you have.

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