Upgrading memory

  billbod 11:33 20 Dec 07

I have ordered 4gb of DDR PC2-5300 to go into my computer.can i use the 2gb of old memory which is DDR PC2-5200 in my daughters computer that uses DDR PC2700.Hope i've explained this well enough for any advice thanks

  paul€ 11:38 20 Dec 07

Simple answer is no. They are two different types of memory and unless that motherboard can take different types, it will not fit in.

Also to throw a further cloud. Are you using a 64bit operating system for the 4Gbof ram or does it have onboard graphics because wndows 32bit has a total limit of 4gb.

  billbod 11:42 20 Dec 07

Im using xp home which i think will use all the memory,how do i tell if its 32 or 64 bit thanks for a swift reply

  billbod 11:44 20 Dec 07

If it helps i did a crucial memory scan and the memory was compatible so i ordered

  Pine Man 11:47 20 Dec 07

'or does it have onboard graphics'

Makes no difference. The 4GB has to include ALL system memory.

  billbod 11:52 20 Dec 07

Pine man thanks for replying i have a nvidia graphics card my motherboard is a rio(packard bell imedia 1958),is this the info you required?

  Pine Man 11:54 20 Dec 07

If you put 4GB RAM in your PC the BIOS will recognise it all but your o/s will probably only recognise 3GB and that will be all it can utilise. :-(

  billbod 11:57 20 Dec 07

I should have only ordered 1 stick then and not the 2 crucial recommended,Will using 1 2gb and 1 1gb be better for me ? thanks for the advice

  Pine Man 11:59 20 Dec 07

That will be ok as long as your mobo doesn't need matched pairs?

  paul€ 15:22 20 Dec 07

" 'or does it have onboard graphics'

Makes no difference. The 4GB has to include ALL system memory. "

If it's a 32 bit operating system and it has onboard graphics, the system will take the full 4Gb. Because the total ram is 4gb.

If the system has a seperate graphics card, then the system will not regester the full 4Gb. because the system is using more than 4Gb of memory.


if your computer utilises dual channel memory, you would be better off with two sticks of 512Mb of memory.

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