upgrading help

  Squirrel_man 16:30 16 Dec 05

i want to use my pc for gaming. i have AMD Athlon xp 2200+ 1.79 Ghz, 352 of Ram

I have about 250 dollars to spend.....

  Thalmus 16:50 16 Dec 05

First thing you need to get is some more RAM, 1 gig would do nicely but you should be able to get away with 512MB

Then spend the rest on a graphics card, which one do you have at the moemnt?

  citadel 17:09 16 Dec 05

A graphics card will give the best upgrade. You don't say if you have a motherboard with an agp slot or pci express, this is the deciding factor in what card you can get.

  Tony 18:24 16 Dec 05

with that processor you probably have a agp graphics. I suspect that you need both more ram and a good agp graphics card.

  Squirrel_man 18:29 16 Dec 05

How much would 1gig of ram be?

  Squirrel_man 18:33 16 Dec 05

S3 ProSavage8™ integrated (1 AGP slot available for upgrade)

  Squirrel_man 18:34 16 Dec 05

3 PCI slots (1 i think available)

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