upgrading graphics card

  AFT 00:11 14 Oct 08

Hi i was wondering if anyone can help me. i have an old PC that the children use for homework and playing afew games. the graphics card has gone - no pictures or anything on computer. the card installed in a Geforce MX400 AGP. i would like to change it but dont want to spend too much with it only being a spare one. could anyone advise me on which one i should buy? Many thanks

  ambra4 00:34 14 Oct 08

This one will work with all type of monitors

click here

  AFT 22:31 14 Oct 08

hi thanks for your reply. i will look at he card you suggested and see how it goes.
thankyou very much fo ryour time

  AFT 19:22 20 Oct 08

hi i have installed a new graphics card but the computer is still beeping when i tuen it on. it is a beep that lasts about 5 secs and repeats every 3 seconds. i am wondering what to do next.

  Technotiger 19:34 20 Oct 08

Close down the computer and re-check your graphics card - the beeps indicate a possible problem with the card, make sure it is properly seated. Also make sure that you have not disturbed any other connections inside or outside of the computer. Also re-seat the RAM sticks and make sure that they too are properly seated.

  AFT 19:37 20 Oct 08

hi thanks for your speedy reply. i have done all what you said, but it is still making the beeping noises. how would i know if the card was faulty?

  Technotiger 19:42 20 Oct 08

Are you sure - how could you have done it so quickly ??

Did you remove the card and then replace it, making sure it is properly seated - also did you do the same with the RAM sticks to make sure they are fully seated too?

Have you checked all the connections inside and outside the computer?

  AFT 19:46 20 Oct 08

sorry... i did all this yesterday. also put one stick of ram in at a time and tried them in different slots. but just the same beeping noise.

  Technotiger 19:52 20 Oct 08

The beeps you describe also sometimes indicate an electrical short - possible motherboard problem or a faulty Graphics card.

  AFT 20:37 20 Oct 08

will that be expensive to repair? or does it mean my computer is dead and i should consider getting a new one? dont realy wont to spend lots of money on it. it's about 5 years old - the children use it in the bedroom. it's a fujitsu scaleo.

  Technotiger 20:54 20 Oct 08

... difficult to say - if you have a local PC shop near to you it may be worth asking them to look at it. It does not mean your computer is dead.

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