Upgrading Graphics Card

  melvyn 18:49 21 Feb 05

I have an XFX GeForce FX5200 and I want to upgrade. I need better frame refresh rates on my train simulations! My motherboard is a QDI Platinix 2D/533 with a 4X AGP slot. (PC is 2.4 Pentium 4 with 512MB RAM)

The newest models of graphics cards appear to require 8X slot - I assume that I am therefore limited to a grapphics card which uses the 4X slot.

This being the case can anyone suggest the best spec graphics card which is compatible with my system.


  citadel 19:18 21 Feb 05

fx5900xt will be a lot better than fx5200.

  ulrich 19:26 21 Feb 05

You can use a AGP 8 in a AGP 4 slot without problems, I have an Asus M/B A7V33, AGP 4 and I run a FX5900XT G/Card.

  dfghjkl 20:17 21 Feb 05

your buget usually dictates which card you get,from a 6800 ultra at £350 down to a 9800 pro at £130 i would not recomend anything less as you will need to upgrade again before too long (ok maybe a 5900 ultra but not the 5900xt)
i guess frame rates /££££ would be a 6800le or 6800 for about £150 to £200.
i have a 6800le bought from ebay for £112,with a little tinkering i get 9000 3d marks 03,(about 5000 for a 9800 pro and 12000 for a 6800ultra)to put it into perspective your 5200 will get about 1000 to 1200.hope this helps.peter

  melvyn 22:45 21 Feb 05

Many thanks guys for all the advice - I think I can now move forward.

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